Ever envisioned your own dodgeball team as characters from Game of Thrones? Tag and share with your teammates if you think a certain character describes them to a tee, valar morgulis!



ARYA STARK – Throws a solo ball and gets a 6 player ricochet hit against the best team in the country. Doesn’t trial for Aus Squad, continues to play rec league.
arya stark GIF
BRAN STARK – Does nothing all season and wins MVP just cause he rolled his ankle in the final and had a good “story”.
season 7 hbo GIF by Game of Thrones
BRIENNE OF TARTH – Beats all the blokes. All the guys want to date her but are emasculated by her dodge intelligence and ability.
game of thrones im no lady GIF
BRONN – Super talented player, always gets promised onto an elite squad but ends up getting allocated to mentor a team of noobs and has to hard carry every match.
drunk tyrion lannister GIF by Game of Thrones
DAENERYS TARGARYEN – Starts the match saying “let’s just have fun guys, be respectful of our opposition” and ends the match annihilating a newbie team 20 zip with zero chill, screaming at (and subsequently dropping) any teammates who refuse to listen to her calls.
game of thrones hbo GIF
DAVOS SEAWORTH – Doesn’t play often but always shows up the to social events with a beer in hand. Collects dodge jerseys.
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EURON GREYJOY – Talks a big game, makes a few bomb catches, ends up getting hit out by an elite player throwing left handed.
game of thrones yes GIF by Sky
JAMIE LANNISTER – Plays left handed because his right rotator cuff is fucked. Says he wants to leave his team every year, always comes crawling back.
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JON SNOW – Good enough to make Aus Squad but refuses to trial because he “doesn’t want it”. Always walks off finger blocks cause he’s a man of honour.
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JORAH MORMONT – Older than everyone at league but schools everyone without breaking a sweat.
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LITTLE FINGER – Elite strategist and shot caller, can’t throw a ball to save his life. Literally. He gets cause out every time.
something little finger GIF
MISSANDEI – Trains with the squad all year with flying colours only to get cut at the end of season.
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NIGHT KING – Elite player who recruits everyone to his team, catches every ball that hits him to constantly revive his dead teammates.
white walker prepare for winter GIF by Game of Thrones
SAMWELL TARLY – Super unfit but doesn’t get subbed cause he’s best mates with the captain. Does stats for his team. Once made a point blank catch against a 120km/h ball but the ref didn’t see it.
samwell tarly GIF by Game of Thrones: #PrepareForWinter
SANSA STARK – Had a bad run of playing on inexperienced teams, finally captaining her own squad.
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THE HOUND – Only joined your team so he can beat his old team because he’s salty AF. Always suggests KFC for team dinner.
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THE MOUNTAIN – Riddled with injury, plays like a beast on court and doesn’t change facial expression after he cops a huge headshot.
the mountain hbo GIF by Game of Thrones
THE WHITE WALKERS – Has zero structure or dodgeball intelligence. Throws the last ball, gets out early and waits for their gun catcher to revive them.
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TYRION LANNISTER – Has great ideas but can’t physically execute them on court. Says “sorry guys” a lot. Always pays his team rego on time.
tyrion lannister threat GIF
VARYS – Finds out all the dodge gossip before anyone else. Knows who’s on elite teams before teams are announced. Finds out the oppositions secret strat.
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MELISANDRE – Has a huge amount of ability and talent. Busts it out once in a blue moon. Always overheating.
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CERSEI LANNISTER – Subs on the sidelines drinking gatorade while her team dominates week after week. Always plays on a team with a family member.
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Who are you?