Top 10 Reasons To Join A Dodgeball League


Yes yes, we’ve all seen the movie, but that was sooooo 2004. Welcome to 2016, where smartphones have revolutionised the world and wait, what’s that? Dodgeball is actually a competitive sport with its own elite leagues all over the world with Olympic potential?! Hells to the yeah.

Dodgeball has recently become a rapidly growing sport in Australia. With the WDBF Dodgeball World Championships coming up this October, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to “hit you with some knowledge” about a sport we are all so passionate about here at Zany Sports. Check it.

1. Inclusive & Beginner Friendly

Dodgeball is a sport that is extremely beginner friendly, no matter how terrible you may think your fitness or experience level may be. Dodgeballers already established in a league are extremely passionate about the sport, and as a result they really enjoy taking newbies under their wing and teaching them the ropes.

Most competitions run a free trial session prior to the commencement of their season in a bid to teach new players the rules and run through some friendly matches to get people acquainted with this vastly developing sport.

Dodgeball is open to all players regardless of gender or background. Peace!


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2. Social Interaction

Being a team sport, playing in a local dodgeball league is a great opportunity to hang out with your best buds on a weekly basis.

Most leagues also accept pairs and individual players, if they get enough they throw you all in a team together. It’s a top way to meet new people and create genuine friendships that can take you to championship glory!

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3. #Fitspiration

A standard Dodgeball match goes for 40 minutes. It works out your whole body and rates as a top cardio and HIIT workout.

Unfit? Unlike most sports you do have the ability to choose how active you want to be in a dodgeball match. You can run around like crazy tossing balls and jumping around dodging, or you can keep a cool head and hold your ground and take a match winning catch! Playing to your abilities doesn’t necessarily make you an ineffective player!

Check out some highlight videos!

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4. Community

Because Dodgeball is still a new and developing sport, their communities are very tight nit much like family. There are a variety of dodgeball related groups around where players comes together to discuss all things dodgeball, recruit players for upcoming seasons and share amazing videos and photos of recent competitions.

Here’s a select few:

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5. It’s Alternative

Calling all hipsters!

Dodgeball is super alternative and a refreshing change from your traditional sports currently on offer. People are always on the lookout for the next unique thing to try and variety is an important part of your fitness routine. It’s also great conversation starter when you tell people you launch balls at people for physical activity.

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6. Charity

Dodgeball makes for a great way to raise money for charities close to our hearts. There are numerous tournaments held each year to increase awareness of important issues, many of which are suggested by the players. Zany Sports has donated over $3000 this year to a variety of charities via dodgeball charity tournaments! #goodkarma

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7. Stress Relief

Physical activity in general is a proven stress reliever, coming to dodgeball after a bad day at work and using that energy in the game will increase that tenfold.

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8.Development & Representative Opportunities

For more competitive players, there are pathways available to representative level dodgeball. Australia currently runs trials and submits Men’s and Women’s teams into elite dodgeball events such as the WDBF Dodgeball World Championships.

There are also nation wide competitions that run throughout the year such as the Australian Dodgeball League which brings together the top teams from each state in a final showdown for championship glory.

Submit a NSW team here:  NSW Dodgeball League 

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9.Travel The World

Dodgeball is played across the globe, and as such there are many opportunities to travel interstate and internationally to compete in invitational tournaments that are open to all!

Check out the latest invitational tournament here: Anzac Weekend Dodgeball Invitational

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10. Happiness

Dodgeball is super addictive and is so much fun you don’t even realise you’re working out. The game truly makes people smile and laugh when the most unpredictable things happen on court.

For more info on joining a league visit


Do it.

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